The Top 5 Things You Need to Fix Before Selling Your Home in Kauai

The Top 5 Things You Need to Fix Before Selling Your Home in Kauai

When you decide to sell your home, you’ve got some work to do. No matter how new or how well-maintained your home is, it will very likely need some fixes before you list it, especially if you want to get top dollar. The difficulty lies in knowing what to fix in order to get the best return on your investment. Not everything you can do will help you sell faster and for more. So check out these top 5 things you need to fix before selling your home in Kauai.

1. Structure, Electrical, and Plumbing

Before selling your home in Kauai, you will certainly need to address the structure and the electrical and plumbing systems. 

First, then, make sure the foundation is structurally sound. It’s a good idea to call in a structural engineer or a pre-listing home inspector to assess the foundation for any issues. That way you will know if there is any damage or defects and what steps to take next to fix the problem.

And you absolutely must fix any problems with the electrical systems. Otherwise, you run the risk of a fire hazard. Make sure everything is up to code and in good working order. If there are any electrical issues, you will severely limit your negotiating ability when you get to that step in the process.

Selling your home also means that you will need to fix any plumbing problems, especially major ones. Leaks can lead to water damage and mold, both big turnoffs for potential buyers. Again, a pre-listing inspection is a good idea here. Fixing plumbing problems will make your home more marketable and easier to sell for more.

2. Roof

Buyers will always carefully inspect the roof. And an old or faulty roof can decrease your property’s value as well as lead to a host of other problems such as water damage and higher utility bills. Be sure, then, when selling your home in Kauai, to take care of any roof problems.

Keep in mind, too, that although a new roof is fairly expensive, you can recoup nearly all the cost at sale time, usually a minimum of 94%. So if your roof is in disrepair, it’s probably a wise move to replace it. You can consult a Kauai agent at 808-634-4518 to find out the best course to take.

3. Heating and Cooling

You will also want to make sure the HVAC system is well-maintained and in good working order. When potential buyers tour home they will pay close attention to how well the heating/cooling is working, especially during hot and cold weather. 

A new HVAC system can cost from $7,000 to $12,000, and that’s an expense that buyers definitely want to avoid. An HVAC system that is obviously working well makes an attractive selling point, so don’t neglect this when preparing for selling your home.

4. Exterior and Landscaping

And don’t forget the outside when taking care of the things you need to fix before selling your home. Buyers will certainly pay attention to it, and if you don’t create a great first impression there, they may not go inside to see more.

So touch up exterior paint where needed, and replace any siding, soffit, or fascia board that needs it. Experts also recommend that you give the front door some attention. Either paint it or install a new one for an attractive touch to impress buyers.

Also, be sure to tidy up the lawn and do at least some minor landscaping. Small affordable things like new mulch in beds and some strategically placed potted plants can have a powerful visual impact. 

5. Kitchen and Bathrooms

From a buyer’s perspective, the kitchen and bathroom(s) are the most important rooms in a home. The will spend a lot of time carefully examining these rooms. So be sure to make any needed fixes and upgrades in both the kitchen and bathroom(s).

Don’t think you have to go in for a full-blown remodel, though. Smaller fixes can make a huge difference. Try installing new countertops and new hardware in the kitchen. In the bathroom, touch up the paint and scrub the tile grout.

Get the Pro Help You Need When Selling Your Home 

These are the top 5 things you need to fix before selling your home, but you may need to do more or even less. It all depends on the local market and what buyers in that market expect and demand. What works in one local market may not be effective in another, and you certainly don’t want to waste money making fixes you don’t need. That’s why it’s so important for most sellers to work closely with an experienced Kauai agent who has a thorough understanding of the local market. So if you’re considering selling your home in Kauai, be sure to contact us today at 808-634-4518.

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