How to Prepare to Buy and Sell a Kauai Home Over Summer Break

Traditionally, the spring and summer months are when both buyers and sellers come out of the woodwork, and things can begin to move at a dizzying pace. To get things sorted out and stop them from becoming overwhelming, let’s cover how to prepare to buy and sell a Kauai home over summer break. Budget and … Continued

Property Taxes: A Guide for Kauai Buyers and Sellers

Taxes are, as you know, one of those two irksome but inevitable things in life. And included among the inevitable taxes are property taxes. It’s just that with these taxes, many of us don’t know as much about them as we should or could. For example, how are property taxes calculated, who pays them in … Continued

The Latest Tech Buyers and Sellers Should Know About on Kauai

Technology is advancing at an exponentially growing rate in most areas and industries. Until recently, though, that hasn’t been the case in the real estate arena. The adoption of the latest technologies in real estate has lagged behind that in other business sectors. But that’s changing now, with a huge increase in real estate tech … Continued