5 Signs You Are Working With an Unqualified Kauai Real Estate Agent

Whether you are a home buyer or seller, you want a good real estate agent who is looking out for your best interests. Buying/selling a home is likely the largest financial transaction of your life, so you definitely want to partner with an experienced, qualified agent. The unfortunate fact is, though, that some agents just don’t have or want to have what it takes. And then you need to find a new agent. To help you out, we offer these 5 signs you are working with an unqualified Kauai real estate agent.

1. Unprofessional Behavior

A sure sign that you’re working with an unqualified Kauai real estate agent is when they display obvious unprofessional behavior. 

“This goes without saying, but your real estate agent should always act professionally. If they show up late for appointments, don’t dress professionally, and ignore your efforts to communicate with them, then you should consider finding a new agent who you feel comfortable representing you.”

You should be especially wary if your agent shows any signs of dishonesty. “A major red flag is if your real estate agent asks you to lie about disclosures or to make a false claim on an advertisement. If your agent suggests unethical behavior, walk away and don’t look back.”

2. Lack of Communication

Similarly, a lack of communication is another sign that you are probably working with an unqualified Kauai real estate agent. Your relationship with your agent should be characterized by easy communication.

“When you hire a real estate agent to help you sell or buy a home, you’re relying on them to support you while you navigate a complex and often time-sensitive process. If you don’t get clear updates from your real estate agent and find it difficult to communicate with them, you risk missing out on good opportunities and the entire experience will be a lot more stressful than it needs to be.”

When you contact your agent with any questions or concerns, she should get back to you within a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. In addition, a qualified agent will be willing to communicate by your preferred means, whether by phone or text or email. A good agent will also be an attentive listener and ask plenty of questions to ensure a good understanding of your needs and wants.

3. Lack of Leadership

An unqualified real estate agent will lack the necessary leadership skills or desire to take the lead.

“Both buying a home and selling a home are complex processes and the whole point of working with a real estate agent is to make that process go as smoothly as possible. You need to work with a real estate agent that is confident in their abilities and ready to guide you through the process. You’re relying on their experience and expertise, so they should embrace that and take charge of the process, while still respecting your opinions and decisions.”

4. No Continuing Education

And if your real estate agent hasn’t engaged in any continuing education (also called “upskilling) to keep on top of the game, that too is a pretty good sign that the agent is unqualified.

“A good real estate agent always wants to be on top of their game. However, often a bad agent doesn’t, and whether or not they’re upskilling is one of the best ways to tell if you’re working with a good or bad real estate agent. If they haven’t taken the opportunity to upskill in any way, like taking a course approved by their state’s real estate commission, you have a bad agent.”

Be sure, then, to ask your agent what her specialties are as a way to find out about continuing education. To find out more on this, you can contact a Kauai agent at 808-634-4518.

5. High-Pressure Tactics

An unqualified agent may also engage in high-pressure tactics, often just to collect a commission as soon as possible. Your agent should offer advice, sometimes unpleasant advice, but if your real estate agent pressures you in any way, you may be working with an unqualified agent.

“There’s nothing worse than a sleazy real estate agent. It’s a house, not a used car. Never, at any point in the process, should you feel pressured to make a choice you don’t want to by your agent. And while there may come a time when their professional advice doesn’t match your hopes, kindness is essential. . . . If,” for example, “you’re buying a home and your agent pressures you to accept a ‘no contingencies’ close because they feel like you’re dragging your feet and just want to collect their commission and be done with it, it’s time to find a new agent.”

An Easy Way to Find a Qualified Kauai Real Estate Agent

Now that you know how to spot an unqualified agent, how do you find an experienced, qualified one? It’s pretty easy really: just go with an agency known for its top-notch, professional agents. If you’re looking for a great real estate agent, contact us today at 808-634-4518.

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