Painting Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal When Selling Your House in Kauai

A great first impression is one of the keys to selling a house. Curb appeal creates that first impression because the exterior of the house and the lawn are the first things prospective buyers see when they pull up for a viewing. If your curb appeal isn’t great, then buyers won’t want to go inside and see more. And that applies especially to those many buyers who begin their house hunting online and judge a home’s appearance by the listing photos. In addition to landscaping, painting is the most important aspect of curb appeal. Here, then, are painting tips for boosting curb appeal when selling your house in Kauai.

Paint (or Replace) the Front Door and Paint the Garage Door

Painting (replacing if necessary) the front door is probably the best first step toward boosting curb appeal when selling your house in Kauai. After all, the entry is front and center when prospective buyers enter your home.

“As the main entrance to your home, the front door is a worthwhile place to make an improvement before getting ready to sell . . . While some homes can benefit from a bright-colored front door,” one study found that . . . “homes with black doors sold for $6,271 more than their estimated home value.”

And painting the front door is an easy DIY project that can be done for about $75, including supplies and paint. Of course, you can always hire a professional painter at a reasonable cost.

If, however, your front door is in bad shape with, say, warping, cracks, or deep scratches, then you should probably replace it. A quality front door and professional installation will run your around $2.000.

Don’t forget the garage door when you’re improving curb appeal for selling your house. “You may think the garage will go unnoticed as it’s typically expected to be a dull white or gray but this is your chance to really add another dimension to your home. A weathered, unkempt garage door can quickly become an eyesore, so there’s nothing like a fresh coat or two of paint to breathe life back into your old garage.”

Paint the Exterior

It goes without saying, too, that you should at least touch up or repaint the exterior to boost curb appeal when selling your house. 

“If your home’s exterior is looking dingy, it can be less appealing to potential buyers. One of the best ways to refresh it is with a new coat of paint. A full exterior paint job can go a long way, especially if the paint is faded or is chipping. . . . While it can be costly, it can make all the difference if the home is overdue for a fresh paint coat.”

According to experts, “[w]arm and earthy neutrals are said to be the hottest trend.” In addition, “[o]rganic shades that mimic colors in the environment will complement your laws tastefully and highlight all of the different factors boosting your curb appeal.”

Paint Outdoor Furniture and Add Decorative Touches

This is often overlooked, but it can be a great way to further boost curb appeal when selling your house. And that is simply to paint your outdoor furniture and add some decorative touches.

“Outdoor furniture can really sell the space and improve curb appeal. . . . [S]mall detailing could make or break someone’s first impression of your home and nothing’s more inviting than some well-maintained patio furniture.”

You can also add decorative touches to further enhance curb appeal. “Ask any painter you know, and they’ll tell you that the devil is in the details. That’s why when looking to boost your curb appeal, look no further than the decorations that add to your home’s exterior. Is the railing to the front steps chipped or rusty? Could your flower planters use a pop of color?”

You could also spruce up your patio light fixtures with some glossy paint. Also, it’s a good idea to paint the mailbox and shutters in inviting, appealing colors for a fresh look.

Get the Colors Right 

But in painting to boost curb appeal for the purpose of selling your house, you’ll also need to make sure you get the colors right. And this definitely includes those smaller decorative details we just mentioned.

“Small decorative details and your exterior trims can be a huge addition to your curb appeal, so why not make them stand out? Just by painting the trims of your exterior. You’ll allow those architectural details to pop, resulting in some uniqueness and intrigue to your home.”

When it comes to choosing specific colors for your home’s exterior, the overall theme should be the determining factor. “To give your exterior more depth and contrast, choose a complementary color for your exterior trim – following the color wheel for what shade to choose. If you prefer a subtler, subdued look, then . . .  a color scheme that’s a few shades darker or lighter than the wall color” will work best.

Work With a Kauai Agent

Really, any painting you do will help boost the curb appeal. But to get the best effect and produce the most impact, you will have to take into account what buyers in your local market want. What works well in one local market won’t necessarily work as well in another. That’s where your local Kauai agent comes in. She will know exactly what you need to do to get the best results and the greatest ROI. So when you’re considering selling your house in Kauai, be sure to contact us at 808-634-4518.

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