5 Packing Tips to Help You Move To or From Kauai

5 Packing Tips to Help You Move To or From Kauai

Some things like going to the dentist we dread and put off as long as possible, but they eventually have to be done. Packing for a move is one of those things. But packing, if approached with a plan and in an organized way, can be made far less unpleasant and more manageable (while having your teeth worked is painful any way you cut it). If you start early enough and take it step by step, packing can even be almost fun. To help you with this usually dreaded moving task, here are 5 packing tips to help you move to or from Kauai.

1. Start by Making a Plan

Any large task goes better when you plan for it. So the first of our packing tips (and perhaps the most important) is to begin by making a packing plan, the most important aspect of which is prioritizing tasks step-wise.

“One of the best ways,” moving pros say, “to tackle packing is to divide it into manageable tasks.” So your packing plan, besides laying out your packing schedule and timetable, must include a task breakdown. “Start with off-season items like cold-weather gear or swimsuits and beach towels, then move to storage areas (closets, attic/basement and back bedrooms). Once those areas are taken care of, work through the rest of the house. Go room by room and continue to go in order of least-used to most-used, saving anything you’ll need up to moving day for last.”

Also, make sure your plan suits your working style and preferences. Some people like to start early and work unhurriedly and methodically. Other people are sprinters and like to get all the work done in a short time. Assess your working style and devise your packing plan accordingly.

2. Declutter Thoroughly Early On

This second of our packing tips is a definite must-include. And that is to declutter and get rid of unnecessary stuff as early in the process as possible.

According to the pros, “one of the top packing tips for moving is to start organizing and streamlining your belongings. When you’re packing to move, it’s never too early to get a jump start on clearing out things you no longer need and definitely don’t plan on taking with you to your new place.”

There are two outstanding reasons for doing this . . . 

  1. You will have your belongings pared down to the absolute essentials, and that means you’ll have far less stuff to move.
  2. You will also save on moving expenses with fewer boxes and less furniture for the movers to load, transport, and then unload.

3. Be Smart About Your Packing Materials/Supplies

This one is often left out in lists of packing tips, but it’s important and can condense things to be moved. 

Certainly, you’ll need to buy or acquire packing materials and supplies – quality packing boxes, tape, labels, markers, bubble wrap, and so on. But you can also use things you already have to do some of the jobs.

“Try to save on packing supplies and time by wrapping/packing belongings in your clothes and/or towels and washcloths! This way, you’re actually packing to move in half the time” and winding up with less volume. You can also pack breakables such as drinking glasses by wrapping them in, say, socks for protection instead of bubble wrap you have to pay for.

“Another easy moving tip is to pack dishes vertically. Of course, you will still need to wrap them or place a layer of padding between each one to help avoid breaking. This method of packing breakable dishes will make them less likely to slide around and get damaged. There’s nothing worse than opening a box in your new house and finding broken stuff!”

4. Proceed Room by Room

An important one of our packing tips (which should be addressed in your packing plan) is to proceed room by room in your packing. Each room presents unique challenges, so you need to tackle and complete one room before moving on to the next.


The major challenge with the living room is that, because it’s a communal living space, it fills up all kinds of things, having “become a dumping ground for everyone’s belongings,” that have to be discarded or packed. 

“Organize things by where they should be stored in the new home, and label the boxes with the appropriate room. Once it’s all in order, the trick is to pack so everything stays safe.”


The kitchen is, of course, populated with sharp objects and large, expensive objects (appliances). So the trick is to ensure safety by taking extra precautions with careful packing.

And then there’s food. “Pack heavy items like canned goods in small boxes to keep the weight down, and take the opportunity to get rid of containers, missing lids, old dishtowels, and other unwanted things.”


Your bedroom will contain many often-used personal items and other items that are daily necessities. So one of the top packing tips is to pack bedrooms last so that you’ll have everything you need easily accessible until right up to the move.


Moisture is your enemy in the bathroom, so make sure everything is dry before packing and take precautions to prevent spills during transit. Also, much like the bedroom, the bathroom will contain items you use daily, so save packing the bathroom till near the end of the process.

5. Put Daily Essentials in an Overnight Bag

Here’s another of the important packing tips that often get overlooked. But if you heed it, you’ll save a lot of headache.

Be sure to pack a bag with daily essential items. “Think clothes, toiletries, shoes, phone, and phone charger, along with medications and whatever else you’ll need to have handy. Moving is a long and tiring process, so one of the best tips for moving is to have the main spot where you can stash your most important things and find them easily. This will make moving easier when you don’t have to immediately start digging through boxes to find your deodorant.”

Consult Your Kauai Agent Too

Whether you’re moving to or from Kauai, these packing tips will help you manage the process much more efficiently. Still, there’s more to packing that most people could benefit from knowing. Your Kauai agent can provide some valuable tips and guidance. To make that move smoother with even more packing tips, contact us today at 808-634-4518.

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