5 Ways To Get Great Listing Photos of Your Kauai House

Anyone taking a look at the active home listings will tell you that the photos can instantly make or break their interest in a particular property. In order to drive more potential buyers your way, here are 5 ways to get great listing photos of your Kauai house:


When an interested party comes to view your home, they get a strong first impression of the property from the exterior. The same can be said when someone views your listing photos.

In order to ensure a positive first impression, do your best to keep your lawn and landscaping in immaculate condition for your listing photos. Some details that are often overlooked include refreshing aged mulch, trimming back hedges, and power washing the exterior siding of your home and garage.

If someone looks through listing photos and sees a well-groomed lawn, it will make them want to see what the interior of the home has to offer.


Now that we have the exterior of your home giving off that inviting aura, it’s time to focus on the interior in a similar way.

Deep cleaning before taking your listing photos is the starting point to selling any home, but important that you help make your home feel both clean and highly functional. This is where decluttering comes in.

Remove everything from your closets, cut the resulting items in half, and put that remaining half back into the closets. Next, depersonalize your home by removing any personal items, heirlooms, and family photos.

You want your potential buyers to walk into your home imagining what it would feel like to live there, and having personal photos of you around can create a constant feeling that they are intruding on someone else’s space.


With both the interior and exterior of your home cleaned up and prepped, it’s time to get to the photos themselves.

Most homeowners that take their own listing photos will take quick snapshots of rooms one-by-one and then throw them on their listing. Practicing some patience and taking the time to compose your photos will easily make your listing stand out, and produce more enticing offers for your home.

This means paying attention to focus, lighting, and shot composition. Try to get multiple angles of each room that clearly show any entries and exits. And, while it may seem appealing to you, try your best to refrain from using any colored filters or photo effects.


Once you have your set of listing photos all ready to go, stop, and think about how you can put them in an order that will act as a guided tour of your home.

Too often, listings have photos that seem as if they were slapped together in a few minutes for the sake of saying photos are available.

Remember that a photoset on a listing can act as a major sales tool without saying a word. The easier you make it for a buyer to understand the layout of the home through the photos, the better.


One essential bit of advice if you’re lacking confidence in your photography skills: consider hiring a professional.

There are plenty of reasonably-priced photographers out there who will jump at the chance to not have to photograph people. If you’re also unsure of how to go about hiring the right photographer, ask your agent for any recommendations.

It’s likely they already have someone available to get your photoshoot set up and running in no time.

Get Professional Help with Listing Photos

Some attention to detail can go a long way in representing your property in a positive light. If you need help taking listing photos of your Kauai home, contact us today at 808-634-4518!

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