5 Things Great Kauai Real Estate Agents do That Go Above and Beyond

5 Things Great Kauai Real Estate Agents do That Go Above and Beyond

Most real estate agents have the basic necessary training and skill to get the job done. They have communication skills, negotiating expertise, and knowledge of the local market. But most buyers/sellers want more than pretty good or just adequate. A truly great agent, though, can make all the difference in the complex, anxiety-inducing process of buying/selling a home, especially because she will do more than she has to. Read on to find out about 5 things great Kauai real estate agents do that go above and beyond.

1. Provide Online Assistance

Today, many if not most homes are marketed and shopped for online. Buyers may not even see a home in person until very late in the game, especially when relocating from across the country or when circumstances such as a job or school prevent them from viewing homes in person. That can be a problem without the right agent’s assistance.

Great Kauai real estate agents are willing and able to work with clients before ever meeting them face to face. Top agents have the capability and skills to use phone calls, email, videos, and Facetime to work with clients. They also give clients virtual tours of neighborhoods and surrounding areas. In addition, top-notch agents can and will help with travel arrangements and transportation needs.

2. Step Up in a Crisis

Buying/selling a home seldom goes smoothly throughout the process, and crises will inevitably pop up. Great Kauai real estate agents will step up in a crisis. 

Suppose, for example, that you are just a few days from closing. But then, unexpectedly, the title company finds a lien on the seller’s title. In this scenario, a great agent will work tirelessly and overtime to resolve the issue so that closing can take place as scheduled.

You can be blindsided by life events such as illness, an accident, or a death at any time. In these cases, top agents will step up and do what needs to be done to make sure the transaction continues as planned.  For example, great agents have been known to deliver closing papers to clients in the hospital and meet movers when the client couldn’t.

3. Provide Staging Help

Real estate agents know the value of staging. That’s why great agents, even though it’s not technically their job, will provide staging help.

“[S]taging a home – even just a room or two – can make a big difference in the money it brings in. In fact, almost a quarter of buy-side real estate agents say staging increases a home’s offers by 1% to 5%. Another large chunk (15%) says it’s 6% to 10%, while 11% believe it’s as much as 11% to 20%-plus.” An agent who will help you with this is an invaluable asset.

If you don’t have the resources for full-blown professional staging, will provide “hands-on help in arranging what they already have.”  She can help you stage your home as best you can with what you’ve got. “You can even just focus on one room and really make an impact.” 

4. Allow You to Tap into Their Vendor Network

Buying/selling a home is a stressful enough event as it is. “When you add in finding an inspector, locating a moving company, vetting move-out cleaners, and more, it can get to be a lot.” Great real estate agents can help you with this as well.

A top agent will have a network of trusted professionals and vendors so that you don’t have to do the legwork of finding them yourself. Often, the agent will have a brochure listing all the vendors in her network, including “inspectors, mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, cleaner services, lawn pros, movers, and anyone else you can think of that might be a help along the way.” The agent can also provide each vendor’s contact info, pricing, and service area and may even give the vendor a heads-up so that you get a referral discount.

5. Provide Honest Guidance at Their Own Expense

Great real estate agents get to know their clients well and strive to build relationships with them. And, as in any relationship, top agents not only listen to their clients but also offer sound, informed advice when they can.

Suppose, for example, that decide to buy a new car while you’re looking for a house. A great agent will steer you away from making that purchase because it could jeopardize your credit so that you wouldn’t be able to buy the house. Many people aren’t aware of the credit implications of making a large purchase like a new car, but top agents will take the time to educate clients on these matters.

Great real estate agents will also go above and beyond by offering advice that will halt a sale and cost them money. If, for example, a home you’re about to buy would be a bad investment, a good agent will advise you not to buy it. It will cost the agent the commission, but a top agent will be looking out for your best interests above all else.

Where to Find Great Kauai Real Estate Agents

But where do you find a great agent? You could spend endless hours reading reviews and conducting interviews to find one. Or you could the easier, more reliable route and go to an agency known for its great agents. To reap the benefits of working with great Kauai real estate agents who go above and beyond, contact us today at 808-634-4518.

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