How Jeff Nemeth Real Estate Can Help You Find the Best Land in Kauai

How Jeff Nemeth Real Estate Can Help You Find the Best Land in Kauai

Finding the right lot or parcel of land to meet your specific needs is seldom easy. And because buying land is littered with pitfalls, you will likely need to work closely with a good agent. But finding the right agent to help you find the best land is usually more difficult than finding the land itself. Land transactions require an agent with specific experience and specialized expertise. We’re here to make things much easier for you. Read on to find out how Jeff Nemeth Real Estate can help you find the best land in Kauai.

Experience and Expertise

A land transaction is different from buying or selling a house, often a lot different. And that’s why in order to find and buy the best land in Kauai, you need to work with an agency and agents who have the requisite experience, as you’ll find at Jeff Nemeth Real Estate.

If you looking for land, you need to work with an agent who has years of experience in land transactions and, especially, plenty of experience with the kind of property you’re looking for. An experienced agent may not be the right fit for you if her experience is outside your needs.

Consider, for example, an agent who has, say, 20 years of experience working with big commercial properties. But if you’re looking for a small acreage to run a few cows on, the agent likely won’t be the one for you. That agent may be very good at what she does, but her area of land expertise won’t be what you need to find the best land in Kauai for your purposes. You should probably look for a different agent whose experience does fit your land needs.

But where do you look? Jeff Nemeth Real Estate is a good starting place because we have agents with a broad spectrum of land experience. Just call 808-634-4518 to find out more.

Broad Network

Also, Jeff Nemeth Real Estate can help you find the best land in Kauai owing to our broad professional network – one of the hallmarks of a premier real estate company.

Top-notch “[r]eal estate brokerages and their agents have access to the largest body of property for sale, and that includes raw land. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors . . . only 8% of real estate sales are for sale by owner (FSBO), meaning that more land is listed through real estate agencies than anywhere else. Jeff Nemeth Real Estate has access to one or more multiple listing services (MLS) that contain all the properties for sale by the various agencies that belong to that MLS.”

In addition, Jeff Nemeth Real Estate has contacts and close ties with other agents and agencies that work within the land market. This allows them access to for-sale land before it is even listed, which allows you a competitive advantage when looking for the best land in Kauai.

Land Evaluation

When searching for the best land in Kauai, you should also keep in mind that “best” has to do with more than appearance or price alone. If a parcel of land has problems, then it’s probably not the best for you.

“Land deals can be enticing because of their pricing. Inexperienced buyers are often lured by amazing-sounding deals on lots and parcels, literally costing only a few hundred dollars, or promoted as ‘can’t-lose’ investments by shady dealers. Be prepared to thoroughly research potential purchases before you end up buying a piece of dirt that’s good only for holding the Earth together.”

Jeff Nemeth Real Estate can assist with that critical research by looking into such things as . . . 

  • “Deed and ownership history”
  • “Property taxes”
  • “Zoning and potential zoning issues”
  • “Physical characteristics of the parcel”
  • “Usage restrictions and building requirements”
  • “Availability of utilities”
  • “Property survey and plat maps”

Ownership problems are far more common with vacant land. “That’s because a built-out property has most likely already been through title searches and any liens or claims on ownership resolved. . . . Previous legal searches are often not the case with vacant land. You may find multiple parties who have legitimate claims to a parcel by way of inheritance, easements, or gifting. Sometimes, unrecorded claims will come out of the woodwork.”

And that’s why, in order to find the best land in Kauai, you need to work with a company like Jeff Nemeth Real Estate that will thoroughly investigate such issues.

Offer Optimization

And then there’s the important aspect of making an offer to buy land. There may be a lot of competition for the best land in Kauai, so you’ll need a carefully crafted offer.

Jeff Nemeth Real Estate can craft an offer that helps you get the best deal and that affords the protections you need. Their agents “can also advise you about the conditions that need to be met (contingencies) before the sale is finalized.” An important contingency is one “that specifies the time frame allowed to complete due diligence is often included. A period between 30 and 90 days is common.”

Knowledge of the Local Market

Maybe the best reason to work with Jeff Nemeth Real Estate is their agents’ thorough knowledge of the local land market. It’s just a fact that different conditions obtain in different markers and so different tactics are required. So if you want to get the best deal on the best land in Kauai.

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