6 Exterior Upgrades that Will Add Value to Your House in Kauai

When your home is on the market, an interested buyer’s first impression of your home can make or break the sale. Keeping that in mind, it’s important for your property’s first statement to be loud and proud. Let’s maximize your curb appeal with some help from our 6 exterior upgrades that will add value to your house in Kauai.

Improve Your Landscaping

When getting your home ready to hit the market and to add value to your house, it’s always recommended to brighten up your lawn. Keeping everything well maintained is essential for every home seller, but you can take everything one step further. 

Improve upon your current landscaping by filling in any sparse areas with grass seed, cutting back any dead or overgrown plants, and spreading fresh mulch in any planters. While selling your home, make sure you keep up with maintaining your lawn so that it doesn’t have a chance to slide into mediocrity. The little bit of money and time invested here will pay off when looking to add value to your house in Kauai.

Roof and Siding

Where your landscaping can make that first impression, the condition and age of your roof and siding will back it up with more substance and will, of course, add value to your house.. 

Chances are very likely that many interested buyers will be asking questions about both of these, so you want to be positive they are both in good working order. Buyers know that replacing either roof or siding can be costly, so be prepared for them to press on these two items during negotiation if they aren’t looking pristine. 

Make a point to pressure wash the entire exterior of your home with a quality house wash to put a bow on this aspect of your home.

Simple Lighting

We want our homes to look and feel welcoming, and adding a little bit of tasteful accent lighting to your home’s exterior can go a long way to making that happen. 

Installing inexpensive, solar-powered lights on the corners of major landscaping features is a great starting point, and, of course, illuminating any walkways in a similar fashion will certainly get the job done. With exterior lighting, it can be easy to go overboard, so plan carefully and only add lights bit by bit rather than in a large chunk.

Porches and Decks

The proverbial holy grail of any yard has long been the porch or deck, but they can come with some serious caveats. 

First, while it can definitely add value to your house, the return on investment of a new porch or deck may not be worth as much as you’re anticipating. Second, it’s imperative that any porch or deck is installed correctly so it won’t cause issues if an inspector points out any deficiencies.

Pressure Wash Everything

A pressure washer is an easy way to clean up the entire exterior of your home, top to bottom. 

You can use a pressure washer to clean up gutters, driveways, and walkways alike to tie the entire exterior together and make everything shine bright. Too often, sellers will overlook something as simple as cleaning up their home’s siding and walkways, and then these elements can stick out like a sore thumb, but taking the time to clean them can easily add value to your house in Kauai.

Dress up the Entryway

Looking at your home’s front door, there could be a spectacular opportunity to spruce things up and create a focal point for the front of your home. 

Painting your front door in a bold accent color like red or yellow can make the entire entryway pop. Another thing you can do to help it feel a bit more dynamic is to put some potted plants nearby to help frame it. Combining this tip with the earlier outdoor lighting tip can create a thoroughly inviting mood.

More Tips to Add Value to Your House in Kauai

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