4 Benefits of Working With A Kauai Real Estate Agent Who is Also A Buyer

Over the last few years, the real estate market has seen a substantial shift in the way that agents have been making the choice to not only represent a clients’ interests when buying or selling properties but to become personally involved in purchasing and selling real estate themselves. If you are looking to streamline your selling process, here are 4 benefits of working with a Kauai real estate agent who is also a buyer.

Invaluable Local Market Knowledge

One of the most immediate gains you will see when approaching an agent-investor about either selling to them or having them represent you on the market is their familiarity with the local market. 

This means they can better identify if what you are selling can be moved quickly for a smaller profit by giving you a fair market price now. With the current market still moving along with a shortage of inventory, agents are well aware that most properties have the probability of selling with little-to-no effort on their part. 

However, if your chosen agent-investor decides to work with you by taking on the agent role, they can instead push their marketing resources to instigate a bidding war and likely drive the sale price upward. This takes this task off your plate and frees up your time.

Either way, you are looking at a result where you come out on top.

Decreased Liability

It’s common to see newer investors putting properties on the market and expecting the listing to do all of the heavy lifting for them. 

They likely then find themselves three or four months down the road with only nibbles of interest and zero serious offers because they have failed to market the property appropriately in one way or another. An agent-investor understands prevailing market trends in their area and how to target specific demographics to make a quick and profitable sale of any real estate they acquire or represent. 

By selling to or hiring on the agent-investor, you limit your personal liability by employing their expertise to do the selling for you if they have not already bought the property from you.

Increased Productivity

When you have a knowledgeable agent working for you, you have the ability to turn your attention toward other aspects of your business. 

Staying hands-on in the day-to-day updates regarding any property being represented by your agent is a great way to stay on the same page. However, you will find yourself being able to step away while allowing your agent to generate additional interest and make the sale of your property a success without your constant direct involvement. 

Taking some of the more immediate responsibilities of selling the property off of your plate means expanding your capability for discovering your next investment opportunity.

Creating a Network

Even investors can’t do absolutely everything on their own and hiring a real estate agent to represent you and your property means opening access to their network of professional contacts. 

Agents build relationships with photographers, web designers, and online marketers, interior decorators, and the list goes on. By having a real estate agent at your disposal, they can call in assistance to make your for-sale property look its absolute best, and provide an ample boost to your property’s market value. 

This also provides you the opportunity to grow your professional network and make use of any individuals who could help you out in the future.

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