Agent Hacks for Home Buyers and Sellers in Kauai

An experienced and qualified real estate agent is a great asset to have on your side. To learn some tricks of the trade that will make your home sale or purchase that much easier, check out these agent hacks for home buyers and sellers in Kauai.

Make Sure the Price Is Right

Any agent worth their salt knows that the key piece of buying or selling a home is pricing it appropriately.

One important piece of information that helps determine the asking price of your home is the price of similar homes in your area – especially any that sold recently.

In the real estate industry this is known as neighborhood comp, or neighborhood sale comparable. The relative location of your home to parks, schools, hospitals, shopping, and entertainment will also affect the asking price to a degree.

This is why you’ll often see listings in suburbs advertising the time or distance to a popular metropolitan center.

Leverage Your Marketing

Agents depend on marketing to both find potential properties for buyers and to get the word out and generate interest for their sellers.

They do this heavily through a Multiple Listing Service – or MLS – which is a giant database of available properties. Without hiring an agent, you’re unlikely to have access to an MLS, but you can still use public listings and an array of online resources to accomplish the same goal.

There are a plethora of real estate sites online to post and view real estate listings, and this will help you get an idea of what and where you’re looking to buy. If you’re selling, utilizing social media to spread the word about your for-sale property is one of the best free agent hacks around.

Focus on the Positive

When it comes to selling a property, an agent will always be sure to highlight the useful attributes of a home.

When it comes to the less-than-desirable parts of a property, the agent may choose to spin it into a positive and attempt making it appear as a unique bonus. A home that was built centuries ago and may need some structural work can become a stylishly elegant fixer-upper. How you choose to present the property and frame the situation will influence the level of interest in your home.

Keep Everything Professional

Out of all of the help that an agent provides to their clients, possibly the single biggest helpful factor they contribute is a professional negotiation presentation.

The average home buyer or seller can easily let their feelings get sucked into negotiations and get themselves into a bad position. It’s imperative that everyone keeps a cool head during negotiations and do not let things devolve into an unproductive, spiteful back and forth.

If you find yourself in an undesirable negotiation situation, use one of the professional agent hacks and be willing to walk away and rally your efforts toward another deal with a clear head.

Find a Motivated Seller

A final tool in an agent’s belt is to intentionally go looking for a seller who would jump at what you’re offering.

A way to do this is to contact your county and request a delinquent tax list to see who may be drowning in an unfortunate economic situation. This is one of the agent hacks used quite often by real estate agents working for investors, and it can be highly effective.

If you find a property that piques your interest and contact the owner, you may find they welcome the offer and see it as a blessing to them.

Take care to be sensitive to their circumstances, and hope that both you and the potential seller come out ahead in the end.

Professional Agent Hacks to Help Buyers and Sellers

Sometimes, finding the right house is just a matter of employing the right tricks. For the best agent hacks in Kauai, contact us today at 808-634-4518!

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